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April 17, 2018


Lessons from the Liberals' 'Last Supper'

Demonstrating that a maudlin sense of humour has not deserted a Liberal Party run ragged by internal dissent, a participant at last week’s invitation-only fundraising dinner...


April 4, 2018


Tony Abbott is wrong about lots of things, but not immigration

Just because Tony Abbott advocates a particular course of action doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Nor should his strange decision to launch a book by the anti-immigrant campaigner Pauline Hanson preclude reasonable...

March 10, 2018


The ABC should be independent, but not above scrutiny

Let me rise in defence not of the ABC itself, nor ABC management, nor the ABC board, nor Emma Alberici in particular, but of a fundamental...


February 23, 2018


Turnbull and Trump key talking points

Malcolm Turnbull was no doubt relieved when the prime ministerial jet lifted off from Australian soil yesterday, bound for the United States and his first...


February 2, 2018


Turnbull must follow the Goldilocks rule in dealing with Trump

Here's some advice for Malcolm Turnbull ahead of his visit to Washington later this month for talks with Donald Trump...